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Re: [IP] MDI cost versus pumping

> Janine,
>     I thought I had that post saved but I don't find it. Probably under a
> subject of goat milking or something like that. LOL. Put it to the "Boss
> Man" again. I'm sure he is listening. How about it Michael, what was it you
> were saying a few months back about it being as cheap to pump as using MDI
> because of the better control. That is what it was, he was saying how it is
> cheaper on the insurance companies because we would be healthier because of
> the good control and healthier state of mind.
>     Tune up any time Michael. . . . . . .
Yes, that was my comment.  It is based on the results of the DCCT 
and the improvements (or reduction of ) complications resulting from 
diabetes.  Part of it is my personal observation that maintaining tight 
control for a long period of time without a pump is realistically not 
possible.  During the DCCT a large number of participants on MDI 
switched to a pump because it was easier - or at least that is the 
conclusion one would draw. Unfortunatly, they did not include ability 
to control, etc... switches to pump during the trials.  Anyway, it is 
fairly obvious that an amputation, kidney transplant/dialysis, going 
blind, etc.... is costly.; far more so than the cost of a pump and 
its supplies over the lifetime of a person with diabetes.

Someone on the list probably knows the 'switch to the pump' 
statistics for the DCCT, but I think it was over half the 

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