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Re: [IP] Re: Dark Ages

Are you sure the "diabetic" candy contained aspartame?  Most of the labels I
have read on these "sugar free" candies list sorbitol, zylotol,  manitol or
some other sugar alcohol as a sweetener.  Manitol can also be used as an
osmotic diuretic in some medical conditions.  These are FDA approved
substances.  When sugar alcohols are in the gut, they are slowly absorbed and
can cause bloating and for some people, act as a laxative.  They can also
raise the blood glucose if consumed in large quantities.  The registered
dietitains who specialize in diabetes will verify this.  There is also
scientific literature avilable on the subject.  Aspartame and saccharine may
also be an ingredient in some of these products,  but are not usually the
cause of gas or diarrhea.   Useful info if you want a treat and also need a
laxative.  :)