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[IP] Barbara's presentation

Things that have annoyed me:

"only diabetics with severe complications go on the pump" - a doctor

"You shouldn't have sugar, you are allergic!"  - person I barely knew,
tried to remove dextro tablets from my hand as I was treating a low blood

"It is contagious, right?"

"You and your husband seem so much in love.  It must be hard on him to know
you will die soon"

"John seems so good with children. Maybe you should let him find someone
who can have kids" - relative

Being introduced to a doctor, by a doctor, as "Diabetes Mellitus, 18 years,
pump therapy, a bit too self-assertive about treatment, feel her thyroid".
Gee, I don't have a name?

Being talked to very slowly, once the nurse found out I had diabetes, like
it meant brain damage.

"You are SO lucky to just have diabetes and not something serious!" - nurse


Vancouver, BC, Canada
email @ redacted