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Re: [IP] Re: Dark Ages

email @ redacted wrote:
>    I use nutra sweet only because I have to. I have heard that it causes
> memory loss, siezures, and I know for a fact that military pilots are not
> allowed to use it because it causes severe headaches and hallucinations at
> high altitude.  

I know you've heard these things, but they aren't true. There are several people
in other places on Internet who keep pushing this information based on "inside
information" and "expert testimony", all of which has been shown to be false or,
at best, misquoted and/or out of context. The people pushing it are trying to
a book about it, and their profit is the only real motivation.

The dirt on it is that it is made of methanol alcohol which
> breaks down in your system.  

No it isn't, it's based on amiono acids.

>This alcohol is a poison. 

In large enough doses, but a packet or 2 of NutraSweet a few times a day can't
approach the level needed for the effects claimed, besides which they don't 
match up.

Most of the FDA studies
> on saccharin were also paid by the makers of neutra sweet as well.  

Sorry, not possible. The studies that lead to the ban of cyclamates in
the USA and saccharine in Canada were done in the early '60s. NutraSweet
was found in the mid to late '70s.

As I said
> I use Neutra Sweet, but I limit my intake. And when I have a choice, I choose
> the pink packet instead of the blue.

I do to, though for a more solid reason, I'm allergic to NutraSweet. One
of a very select group, mind you!

Ted Quick
email @ redacted