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Re: FW: [IP] Dark Ages

In a message dated 1/30/98 7:00:32 PM, you wrote:

How long ago did you have children..??? Mine are 20 and 17.>>


My son will be 25 next month.  He doesn't have diabetes either, although type
2 is prevalent in his Dad's family, so he could get hit yet.  Wouldn't that be
ironic?  I'm hoping that won't happen.  I read an article a while back that
Diabetic Mother's are not all that likely to pass on their type 1 Diabetes to
their children because the fetus is exposed to the "Virus" and develops an
immunity to it before birth.  That doesn't account for those mothers who do
pass it on, but then the WHOLE book about the causes of Diabetes hasn't been
written yet.  But statistically, Fathers are much more likely to pass on type
1 to their children.

Yes, I feel blessed too.  My pregnancy was the first time that I learned to
Let Go Let God.  I had control over my behavior and how I took care of myself,
but I didn't have control over the outcome.  That philosophy has gotten me
through many  health problems since then.  (That and a rather rebellious