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Re: [IP] Hospital Survival 101 - LONG!!!

     BRAVO!!! Having just been in the hospital for the 4th Friday in the past
7 wks, I hear you loud & clear!!!...and I DON'T have diabetes.....Nonetheless,
in this era of "mis-managed care" & staffing shortages, do NOT assume
ANYTHING!!!!.....I even asked a student nurse if she intended to use gloves
when changing a dressing & refused to give the anaesthesiologist my left arm
for an IV until I personally heard my surgeon say it was OK (had lymph nodes
removed in that arm)........You are SO right to challenge whatever sounds
erroneous, because each "specialist" isn't as cognizant of the impact on your
other conditions.....
     I'm confident that your tenacity & assertiveness will not only see you
through this labyrinth, but will also help to "educate" many of those medical
professionals who mistakenly assume they have no need for further
      Way to go!!!!!

Renee (aka Melissa's pump-mom who even has her my OWN (full-sized) pump now
for IV antibiotic infusions at home!!!!!)