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Re: [IP] Re: Dark Ages

email @ redacted wrote:

Has anyone heard anything substantially bad about
> Aspartame..?  

Most people can use Aspartame with no trouble. A few of us can't because it
triggers an allergic reaction which, at least in some cases like mine, leads
to a long bg spike. I figured this out for myself in 1986, stopped using
for several weeks, then tested it by drinking 2 Diet Pepsis at lunch.I tested 
at 121 before the meal, and 309 4 times in a row after that, from 1:00 to 7:00

To bad the high test the AT&T company quack used to ruin my career there
in  summer '85 was a result of this. 

Life wouldn't be the same without it I don't think... cause I can't
> stand the Saccharin aftertaste.

True, it's VERY inconvenient. If I want a soda I need to get seltzer water, mix
any flavoring I want to add into it and put in my own saccharine. I'm kinda used
to the aftertaste, though, and miss it when it's sweetened any other way.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted