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Re: [IP] Re: Downside ????

email @ redacted wrote:
> OK, group, help me out here.  

Do you want statements for each of the points below, or are they things you've 
already got answers for?

I am doing a presentation to nurses called
> "Truth and Consequences in Diabetes Management" in April.  I have a lot of
> these items on my list, ie; 
eating sugar causes diabetes,

No way, no how! Diabetes is caused by either of 2 major things, the pancreas 
can no longer make insulin because the Beta cells have been killed off by
the auto-immune system or the pancreas was surgically removed (Type 1).

Type 2 is caused by poor use of insulin or reduced output.

 70/30 used as a
> sliding scale, 

Bad idea. The sliding scale works well when the insulin used is either 
Humalog or Regular all by itself. Including 70% of NPH with the 30% of
Regular needed for an immediate low can only complicate control when
the NPH is most active some 6 or 7 hours later.

sterilization, use of Regular sliding scales every time BG is
> checked, sugar in OJ for low BG treatment, etc,etc.  Oh, yes, I forgot.."are
> you 'allowed' to eat that?".   What are your most irritating annoyances?  I
> pledge to have you remain anonymous.
> Thanks,
> Barbara