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Re: [IP] Pump in a case

buddybarber wrote:
> >I do know that this pump has changed my life.....
> >it's a miracle to me.......
> >I wnat to tell EVERYONE about it...
> >It's great.......
> >
> >Rhonda Tyo
> >type 1...33 years
>     This statement seems to flow from the mouths of people who have had
> diabetes the longest. Not to take nothing from the newbies but we "older"
> diabetics have seen a lot of "hard times" and sorry products in past years.
> It can only get better.
>     Rhonda, do you remember Sucyrl (sp?) The clear liquid sweetner that was
> gREAT until they took the cyclimates out of it. D

Yes, and you can buy it in Canada. They took the same "test" that the USA
used to take cyclamates off the market and took saccharine off the market 
with it. Seems the material being tested was a combination, so each country 
chose it's own "BAD" sweetener!

Ted Quick
email @ redacted