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RE: [IP] diabetes and pregnancy (was Dark Ages)

Janine, I'm so glad that you didn't listen to him......times have changed dramatically.....as far as I'm concerned....if your diabetes is well controlled....you probably have a better chance of a healthy baby than most....I have a friend that is pregnant now, that is a diabetic.....she is doing great...mind you when I was pregnant....my contol was not the best....I was blessed with those great "genes"  I was also told that every child I had would shorten my life span 10 years.......well.....guess what..?????..I expect to live to see grandchildren and great grandchildren.......Diabetes HAS come along way....I'm so glad to be part of the new technology.......so glad


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I was told that all women with diabetes should be sterilized.  At that
point I was 29, had diabetes for 16 years and been on the pump for 11
years.  The guy was a gynecologist and it was a total blanket statement.
How long ago was this - 1996!  What a jerk!!!

whose tubes are not tied because I don't take that garbage anymore!

>In a message dated 1/30/98 5:19:42 PM, Rhonda wrote:
><<I remember when I was pregnant with my first child...I was told..you'll
>never make it and neither will your baby....well...AHA...I did.>>
>Hi Rhonda,
>Boy do I remember that too.  I'm not even sure I wanted kids until they told
>me not to.  I had an elderly Aunt who said to me at my wedding (I kid you not)
>"You are going to maintain separate bedrooms, aren't you?  When she found out
>I was pregnant, she thought I should be put in the hospital immediately.  When
>I gave birth to an 8 lb. healthy boy, she sent me $1.  Relatives-can't live
>with them and can't get rid of them!

Vancouver, BC, Canada
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