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Re: [IP] Re: Downside ????


One downside I can think of would be the cost of the pump ($4,600 Canadian
right now for a Minimed 507) and the ongoing cost of supplies.  Of course,
I think that the cost in the long run is way less but many people don't
think long term, especially  some insurance companies and goverment

The main downside for me was having the airport security alarms go off
because of my pump (1985? - Nordisk metal thing) and having 3 *big* guns
trained on me.  The Air India disaster had just happened (the bomb came out
of Vancouver airport) and security were sort of on edge.  They were
freaking out, I was absolutely stunned into immobility but I managed to
explain the pump to them and all was well.  Except my blood sugar shot to
400 and I still have anxiety attacks going through security, but the new
pumps rarely set anything off. But hey, new experiences are good for you,
right?  :'P


>---What downside ????    Buddy ????
>>Sounds like there ought to be positive feature news story about how well
>>people with type 1  do with an insulin pump.  Would be nice to see, but the
>>news people would probably focus on the down side of it.

Vancouver, BC, Canada
email @ redacted