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[IP] diabetes and pregnancy (was Dark Ages)


I was told that all women with diabetes should be sterilized.  At that
point I was 29, had diabetes for 16 years and been on the pump for 11
years.  The guy was a gynecologist and it was a total blanket statement.
How long ago was this - 1996!  What a jerk!!!

whose tubes are not tied because I don't take that garbage anymore!

>In a message dated 1/30/98 5:19:42 PM, Rhonda wrote:
><<I remember when I was pregnant with my first child...I was told..you'll
>never make it and neither will your baby....well...AHA...I did.>>
>Hi Rhonda,
>Boy do I remember that too.  I'm not even sure I wanted kids until they told
>me not to.  I had an elderly Aunt who said to me at my wedding (I kid you not)
>"You are going to maintain separate bedrooms, aren't you?  When she found out
>I was pregnant, she thought I should be put in the hospital immediately.  When
>I gave birth to an 8 lb. healthy boy, she sent me $1.  Relatives-can't live
>with them and can't get rid of them!

Vancouver, BC, Canada
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