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RE: [IP] Re: Dark Ages

I have the greatest doc - he is Dr. Randall Riche in Pensacola.  The
more I read from ya'll I realize how very much I appreciate him.  I was
his first patient on the pump (1992) so we experimented some, but he
trusted me to have some judgement in my treatment.  I had a hysterectomy
in 93, Dr. Riche and I talked the hospital and surgeon into allowing me
to keep my pump on through the surgery.  For 3 days Dr. Riche stayed "on
call" for me.  The hospital would check my BS every two hours and call
him with the results.  He would then tell them what to do and they would
relay the message to my husband, who also stayed with me night and day,
and Ray would give me a bolus or any other adjustment.  Ray, my husband,
knew more than any of the nurses!  The nurses were very interested in
how the pump worked and how it helped me.  Through the whole process I
never went over 250, Dr. Riche said that would not have been possible
without my pump.  Another advantage to the pump.

Rita  email @ redacted
51 yrs old - 5 1/2 yrs pumping - type 1

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> I too remember the "dark ages".  It seemed to me that "they" set up a
> life
> style for you that was impossible and then blamed you when you failed.
> I once
> believed that they did this because they were so frustrated at not
> knowing
> what to do that they found it easier to shift the blame to the
> patient.  We
> had diet Vernors Ginger Ale.  I think it is made in the Detroit area.
> It was
> all that was available to me then.  It is still one of my favorites,
> but I
> enjoy the variety.
> Glad you are back Sara.  Missed you.
> I had an educational experience this week.  I had to have some surgery
> and
> since I was not going to be put out, I wanted to keep my pump.  The
> surgeon
> had never operated on someone with a pump and was apprehensive.  My
> family doc
> said it would be ok.  What I (and my doc) failed to explain to the
> surgeon was
> to use normal saline instead of glucose.  When they checked an hour
> into
> surgery, I had gone up to 250.  I had started at 130 and he said that
> he was
> afraid I would drop too low.  I guess he missed the point of using a
> pump, but
> he understands now and was very receptive to the bit of education.
> Love my Pump!
> Marti  type 1 32yrs  Minimed 507 9 months