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RE: [IP] Suspend mode

I never suspend my pump, I use the temp basal and set it at .1 for lows
and whatever for highs for the length of time I want to adjust my blood
sugar.  This way I don't have to worry about forgetting to reset and I
can adjust the temp basal at any time.  Rita

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> Sent: 	Friday, January 30, 1998 2:43 PM
> To: 	'insulin-pumpers'
> Subject: 	[IP] Suspend mode
> I've already "forgotten" while in suspend too.  Actually I think I
> attribute it to angels.  I was having one of those days where the
> basals that had been great for a week before and became great again
> the day after were dragging me very low.  I forgot it in S, and woke
> up hours (5) later at 40.  I don't think that I needed the extra 0.8
> units per hour!  This all happened after I had resorted to a trip to
> the doc in the morning.  Someone, somewhere helped out.