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[IP] Re: Dark Ages

    It makes a tear come to my eye when I read what you wrote. This is
exactly what I meant about the "older" diabetics really growing through the
developing stages of this disease.  Also, it seems to me, that it makes us
feel "extra better" after getting on straight regular after taking NPH for
so long. I think this renewed feeling of health is what the pump is all

Many years of good luck!
Buddy '-)
>Since this pump....I don't feel like a "diabetic"...like I used to be
>No schedules..(this is still a hard one)
>sleeping in, if I want...
>so much energy that I never thought possible
>I just feel great..........
>unless you were there in the "dark" ages you just don't know.....
>Thanks for your input....
>RHonda Tyo
>type 1...33 years and loving life.......with diabetes.....