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Re: [IP] Long time pumpers (diabetics) and old stuff

>Disetronic has a low cartridge alarm at 20 units remaining. Does Minimed?
>   Katie

    I have had diabetes 38 years and remember all of the list and more. . .
. As far as I have found the 507 only tells you when your tank is empty. "No
Delivery !!" beep beep beep.
    Here's another one. . . Before my nightly bath, to remove the lint Sara,
I put my 507 in the suspend mode as I always do and disconnect. I woke up
the next morning with a BG of 294!!! This is very unusual for me. This is
where I break out the humalog gang. If I start out before breakfast with a
high BG I want something that will bring it down faster than the Velosulin.
I injected the Humalog and checked my BG in a couple of hours and when it
was still high found my pump was still in the suspend mode. Did I tell you I
was hard of hearing??? Too many years in them papermills! LOL It was cold
here that night and I put my pump in the top of my sock and with all the
covers Rosie didn't hear it either. That might be what kept waking my
grandbaby up! Ha. Come to think of it, the dog barked all night too. . . . .

Buddy '-)))