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Re: [IP] Case or no case

As for the "cheap pager"  this pager cost more than I make in 6 months!  I
always wear the case, unless I am wearing a tight fitting anything - sometimes
i even take the clip off the back to make it even slimmer.  I have hung it -
caseless - from the bottom of a sleeveless dress when worn under a jacket,
hooked it to well-fitting undies - not the stretched out elastic kind buddy
wears (heh heh), hooked it to the top of panty hose or slid it in the panty
hose, clipless of course.  Yeah it makes it tough to get at it quickly - but
EVERYONE has to go to the bathroom once in a while,,,don't you?  When I am
dressed up, I try NOT to put it between my bra,,,cuz then I am too tempted to
just shove my hand down the top of my dress and pull it out...kinda ruins the
dressed up effect i was going for.

As y'all can tell, I feel better.