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[IP] Long time pumpers (diabetics) and old stuff

     This is my response to several things I've been reading.
     1] The 'oldies':  Having had diabetes for almost 35 years, I can tell 
     you that the WORST of it 
      * boiling needles because throwaways were not even THOUGHT of yet
      * clinitest TABLETS with that cute dropper/test tube holder
          (and colour tests for the colour blind among us)
      * the absolute certainty that life expectancy was a joke
      * the ORIGINAL ADA diet plan
      * the pleading from your relatives not to have kids because 
     are mostly over.  (Drs STILL know nothing about nutrition and 
     relatives will always be relatives)
     2] Pump in case: 
        Having worn an AutoSyringe larger than life pump for a few years I 
     do NOT wear the case even when I know that I'll be seeing a mini-med 
     rep for some reason.  I don't wear to Drs office, shows, or anywhere.
     I keep the pump in my front left pants pocket where it has been since 
     AutoSyringe came out with the 'SMALL' style pump (which was still 
     quite a bit larger than today's).  I also wore the original Auto pump 
     in a sock which I had cut the bottom off of and pulled 3/4 way up my 
     lower leg (so pump was halfway between knee and foot) which worked as 
     long as the original sock was QUITE a bit larger than I needed it to 
     3] Biggest 'problem'
        It would be SOOOOO easy to install a single lever mechanism (which 
     could be SET at the level a PUMP USER would feel comfortable) allowing 
     one to have the pump warn oneself that it was 'almost empty'.  
     By the way: best way I've found to avoid the flu:
     Drive your family back and forth to emergency room and Drs for a week 
     straight and instead of going to work stay home and care for all the 
     sick kids and wife at home.  
     Since the germs and I are on a 'holding pattern' (they don't infect me 
     and I don't sweeten them to death) they don't seem to bother me so