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Re: [IP] Case or no case

In a message dated 98-01-30 11:22:45 EST, you write:

> I am assuming the Minimed is different?? Is the case a hard outter shell or
>  something? Could that be why I've heard that Minimed is lighter? Cause it
>  needs the outter case?
>    Katie


No, the Minimed case is soft leather too.  

I don't wear the case often anymore because I discovered that it is really
comfortable to put it inside my pants pocket.  I can hide the bit of tubing
behind a belt and the pump is virtually hidden.  I also feel it is safe from
dirt, getting scratched, and the static electricity problem while it is in my
pocket.  The case and clip add a lot of extra bulk which would be hard to

This summer, I didn't always have the pump in my pocket though, while we were
working on our cabin. Unfortunately, I also didn't have it in the case and now
I have scratched the display.  So if I'm doing dirty work, I always put it in
my pocket or put it in it's case.  Maybe I should get it a string of pearls
like Nancy suggested....

Incidentally,  I recently had an occasion which meant that I had to wear a
dress (not a very tight fitting one, though).  I put the pump in the "thigh
thing" from Unique.  As I was walking across the parking lot, I could feel the
whole works sliding down my leg and onto my calf.  I use the 23 inch tubing,
so I was getting concerned about it pulling out.  It must have looked funny to
see me tugging and pulling at my "garter" while I was trying (unsuccessfully)
to walk nonchalantly to my car.

Mary Jean