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Re: [IP] Case or no case

Dear Kathi,

I had been using a pump for part of 1996, and started again two weeks
ago. I do not use the case all the time.  I usually keep the pump under
my shirt, using one of those "Traveller's Belt Wallets" that Samsonite
and American Tourister sells. I can wear it comfortably day and night.

However, I found that the buttons on the MiniMed 507's leather case
sticks into me when I wear it on my belt or in the wallet, so I put it
inside my shirt pocket. A smooth plastic case, with Velcro tabs, like
the one that came with my old Diesetronic H-Tron V-100 pump was more
comfortable. Unfortunately, cases are not interchangeable.


Amil Vazquez Jr.
MM 507 pumper for 2 weeks, Type I Diabetic 24 Years

E-Mail: email @ redacted