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[IP] Tight fitting dress

I know we have heard lots of ways to hide the pump, but since the
subject of the bra has come up here is my experience.  If you use a bra
that hooks in the front, so it is very small in the middle, the pump
will fit down kind of right below the breast.  I certainly am not big
busted 'cause my favorite is the "wonder bra" which still does not do
alot of wonders for me!  The only problem with this is that you have to
be sure the pump is pushed down as far as possible or it will turn over
and stand out, which is very embarrassing!  Like having a LARGE middle
boob!  This method also makes it fairly easy to remove the pump through
the top of a dress and access the pump for boluses and such.  I know I
have used this method at public occasions and have not been arrested
yet.  This has helped me alot, for awhile I only bought dresses that
buttoned up the front and they are made with the button holes going the
wrong direction (up and down instead of horizontal) so the button were
always popping open unless you use safety pins! Now it doesn't matter
what kind of dress as long as I have enough neck room to slid the pump
out.  The clip has bothered me a few times, but I put something under it
(and hope it doesn't fall out) and it is fine then.

Sorry this is lengthy, but I didn't know any other way to explain.  By
the way I also HATE the sports container.  Living is Florida means
swimming often and I will not go without my pump, so I wear the lovely
accessory and hate it!

Also, I have a friend that told me one time she wanted to be important -
like all the people who have beepers - but she didn't have a reason to
buy a beeper; therefore, she was going to wear her garage door opener on
her waist.  I just about died laughing.  So everytime I feel down about
having a pump in the way I remember I could be less important and have
to wear a garage door opener!