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Re: [IP] Case or no case

      I find it interesting that no one responded yet that does not keep the
pump in the case.   I Don't keep it in the case unless I am at something that
I know is dusty or dirty  i.e. a horse show or cleaning the garage.  I think
the case is just that much more in the bulk of it.   My only other time I wear
the case is when I am dressed up & don't want to look quite so much like I'm
carrying a cheap pager (which is what most people think you have anyway.).  I
guess I feel that if I am dressed up my pump should look dressed up & not it's
casual self too. :-)   
     Sometimes when I put it in my pocket to wear, I take the clip off & it
seems so much smaller still at this point.   I do get some lint in the pump
res section but just blow air on it when I change the res & it goes away.  I
use the brush usually when I change the battery to clean the lead screw.  I
don't see any problems with the pump not in the case & I like it better.
Personal preferrance but I don't see that you Have to otherwise MM wouldn't
give the option if they knew it would cause probs ??  I'm guessing that they
feel comfortable either way, as it is a major expense & major tech devise they
have made & perfected over the years.
   MY 2 Pennies      Kathi          MM507 since May 97