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[IP] Barca-Tinus family aargh...

I forgot about the special last night - and so did the one I'd asked to remind me. I'd love to hear more details.  I am going to respond to the comment about 'do we need to hear about all of the awful details with an adamant YES.  Although I've only been pumping for a short time, I have maintained tight control for a very long time.  I attended the DCCT symposiums and basically congratulated myself - this was what I was already doing.  Many need to read the study more closely though; even with very tight control, 40% of us will end up with those awful details as a part of our lives.  Currently the specialists can't seem to decide what to do with me.  Some think it's gastroparesis, others say a pituitary problem, none have a solution.  On the bright side, I only have 1/2 day or so every month where life is impossible.  Life is definitely more complicated though.   With the occasional doom and gloom special perhaps we can regain some of the research enthusiasm that appears to have disappeared to more "glamorous" diseases.  Even if we could get to the point where tight control did mean that you needn't worry about complications we would have advanced a lot.  Take care.

dx '71, MM 507 1/12/98