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RE: [IP] Case or no case

Denise, I was on the 506 and did not keep it in the case all the time.
The plastic film cover on the front started coming off in pieces.  When
my doc saw the condition he was concerned about the safety of the
insides working correctly (water tightness, etc.), so that's how I got
my 507.  He told me to keep it in a case always.  I am not sure I agree
that the case would have taken care of my 506, because I am not going to
let diabetes, or a pump interfere with the things I want to do (well,
almost always - any diabetic cannot do everything he/she wants,
correct?) but I am keeping the 507 in the case.

Rita   email @ redacted

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> Subject: 	[IP] Case or no case
> Hi, I am wondering how many people keep their pump in a case?  I did
> not but
> when I changed the battery for my pump found that there was a lot of
> lint in
> my pump.  I didn't like the looks of that or cleaning it out so I have
> now
> started using the case again.  Has anyone else gotten stuff inside
> their pump?
> Denise