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Re: [IP] Case or no case


My MiniMed 506 was prone to that. If I was doing cleaning or "construction
type" work around the house. I noticed that I had to clean the opening in
the end where the infusion tubing exited, since it would always collect
lint and dirt there. This happened even when using a case. To avoid it
totally, I would use the *&##%@#!!! "Sport Guard". Not my favorite toy ;-(

My Disetronic does not exhibit this problem. I tore up my attic this fall,
digging through insulation, 50 years' worth of dust, etc. I was a mess, my
case looked awful, but there was nary a speck of dust in my D pump ;-)

Bob Burnett

mailto:email @ redacted

>Hi, I am wondering how many people keep their pump in a case?  I did not but
>when I changed the battery for my pump found that there was a lot of lint in
>my pump.  I didn't like the looks of that or cleaning it out so I have now
>started using the case again.  Has anyone else gotten stuff inside their