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RE: [IP] Case or no case

I used to sometimes wear my pump without my case until Michael told the
story about his daughter playing with her brother and accidentally
having the door open and the plunger pushed in a large amount.  Thinking
about all that insulin going in still gives me the shakes.  I sometimes
rough house with my kids and the story got me so scared that I always
wear the case now.  I still notice a small amount of lint around the
opening where the tubing comes out, but it doesn't seem to cause a

-	Jodi

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	Hi, I am wondering how many people keep their pump in a case?  I
did not but
	when I changed the battery for my pump found that there was a
lot of lint in
	my pump.  I didn't like the looks of that or cleaning it out so
I have now
	started using the case again.  Has anyone else gotten stuff
inside their pump?