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Re: [IP] case or not

Laurie Brack Jeff Montgomery wrote:
> I have a 507 mm and not lontg after I got it (3 or 4 months) I some how
> lost all my basal rates! They said it may have been static electricity,
> and that just for safety I should keep the pump in it's leather case as
> much as possible. 

I had something like that happen with my 506. Called them and talked it
through. They told me the battery cartridge might have a problem, just 
seat it firmly and they'd send me a new 1. When it got here and I installed 
it I found that the old 1 had a small crack in the bottom so the batteries 
would lose contact if it got bumped or moved in the wrong direction.
I'd recommend you check the battery holder for this, just to be sure, OK.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted