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[IP] Disetronic

I have been using an insulin pump for 14+ years and am currently using the
Disetronic HTron (their original in the US).  I have been using it for about 5
years now.  Both of my pumps have been through end of use re-evaluation and
because I had small cracks around the battery case, they were both replaced at
no cost to me with reconditioned pumps.  I think the Disetronic is the best
pump I have had, and I've used 4 different pumps.  I like the audio bolus, the
frequency of the basal delivery, and the fact that it is waterproof.  I can
swim without worrying about disconnecting.  That's very liberating to me.  I
have begun to think the bolus in .5 units is a disadvantage, but it is
possible to have the pump reset by the company to go in .10 units.  I may look
into that, since as I fine tune with weight loss, I'm wishing I was not
limited to a bolus by .5 units.  I like the idea of 24 basal rates, although
my current doctor does not believe it is necessary for most patients to us
more than 2 or 3.  I may prove him wrong yet! 
Pumping is wonderful!! The freedom of lifestyle is so much better than the
limitations of injections.
Go for it, and best wishes for successful pumping.