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[IP] Mixing Humalog and Regular

> >    What problem? Is it site corrosion? I don't seem to have a problem with
> > humalog being in the cartridge more than five days. What problems are you
> > having? Did you read BBurnette's email on Humalog Report? Do you think any
> of
> > those points could be considered? Maybe mixing would elimnate the problem.
> It loses effectiveness, plain and simple.  EVERY member of the local pump
> support group (who is on Humalog -- we have 1 or 2 holdouts ;-) reports the
> same problem.  Mixing might help, but without markings on the cartridges I
> don't want to play with that ;-)

why don' you mark the outside of the cartridge with a felt tip pen.
Divide it into 5ths or 6ths for the amount you load.  I don't think 
the mix ratio is real important as long as it is close.  Lily has 
experienced no problems with the mix at 5 parts H to 1 part R and 
there appears to be VERY LITTLE difference in her response both to 
basal rate and bolus.


> I don't find the half-filling to be very inconvenient, since it puts
> changing cartridges exactly in sync with changing sites :-)
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