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[IP] Re: Old Glass Syringes

Randall wrote:

Doesn't the added weight of the glass make the pump heavier?

Certainly the glass would be heavier than plastic.

What about wear and  lubrication on the plungers?
 I talked to a "long-timer" diabetic not too long ago and was told about the
hassles they used to endure with  glass syringes - how they would wear,
stick, crack etc...

Personally, I like the convenience of the sealed plastic syringes
when changing sets.  I haven't had any of the problems with sticking
plungers and I didn't hear about pushing the plunger up and down
before loading it until it was mentioned on the list a short while
back.  Just like everything else about this wonderful maddening

    Randall, I must be an "oldtimer" because I used glass syringes for what
seems like a hundred years but it was only twenty five. Ha. Kept mine in a
test tube like device completely sumerged in 91% alcohol. Very seldom did I
a problem with sticking plunger. They would break almost EVERY time they hit
the floor. LOL. All in all, not that many problems with glass. Was really
proud to see the things come out with the "Luer-Lock" on them. Hummm, wonder
how much "crud oil" we could save by returning to the economical ways we
used to have???????

Buddy '-)