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Re: [IP] Diverticulitis (was re: Sara)

In a message dated 98-01-27 16:52:34 EST, you write:

> Unfortunately, diverticulitis runs in my family and I was in ER 4x in the
>  last  year in utter agony.  Last week I finally got a barium enema and
>  found out that I don't have diverticulitis.  Yay!  But now the pain is of
>  "unknown origin" ;'(


My husband went through this exact scenario.  Barium enema, no diverticulitis,
unknown cause.  He finally figured out that he is lactose intolerant.  I don't
know if your symptoms match his, (lots of gas, and extreme cramping) but it
might be something to consider.  Incidentally, because his body wasn't
digesting the lactose, it was passing through his system before complete
digestion had taken place, resulting in hypoglycemia.  He is "borderline"
hypoglycemic so at least he can identify with how I feel when I go low.

Mary Jean