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Your plungers are most likely getting stuck because you are not
pushing the plunger up and down the cartridge which distributes
the lubricant that's on it.  This is what I was taught to do for my (D)
pump. I don't know if it's in the manual.. should be..

Clifford Bateman wrote:
> Ted/the Spiveys,
> I have also had problems with the plunger getting stuck.  One thing I do
> that may have helped prevent this problem for the last six months is
> that before drawing up the insulin (Humalog also), I move the plunger up
> and down and twist it around several times.  I believe that this helps
> move the lubrication that Minimed had originally placed in the syringe
> around and helps keep the plunger from reaching a "dry area" on the
> inside of the syringe and becoming stuck.  Unfortunately, I keep my
> supplies on the shelf for months, even years, and the inside of the
> syringes need to be relubricated -- actually, the existing lubrication
> needs to be redistributed around the inside.  At least, this is my
> theory and it seems to work.
> Cliff
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