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[IP] Diabetic Neuropathy - Find a Good Dr

This is an update on my Diabetic Retinopathy:
     My PCP refered me to the first dr. Diagnosis laser surgery in my right
eye, unsure in left. Needed the Flourescein Angiography test. I waited on the
     Ask questions about referrals: Are you mostly referring this dr b/c he's
on my insurance plan? Would you send your child to him? Do you know him
personally? How many patients have you sent to him? Can I speak with those?
     I was not overly confident with the replys to those questions. I found
nothing bad about the first but was unable to find drs who knew him or his
work personally.
     With those questions I found a dr who's name has come up repeatedly with
other drs and my endo. For Texas, I think you'd have a hard time beating in
the reputation game Dr. David M. Brown. He's got credentials a mile long,
schooling was some of the best in the country, published, awards littering his
office, on the Board of the American Diabetes Association and highly
diabetic neuropathy but it is nowhere near the macula (center) and he believes
it is stable. I will have a follow-up appointment in 3 months. The level of
care was apparently higher from the moment we walked in. The nurse spent 20
minutes with us answering questions and telling us of studies going on etc..
The dr had me horizontal to look in the eye with several magnifying lens
etc..as well as the head gear looking thing. He took his time and was precise.
     So, after seven days of weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth, I owe my
husband big time. :)