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Re: [IP] Site changes

I guess you should be worried when he is no longer interested in examining
the "site"..... ;-)


email @ redacted

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From: Horn, Rita <email @ redacted>
To: 'email @ redacted' <email @ redacted>
Date: Monday, January 26, 1998 11:52 PM
Subject: RE: [IP] Site changes

>I use the upper thighs and it works out well, just have to be careful
>not to hangup on the cord when undressing or dressing (or in a hurry to
>go to the bathroom!).  My husband helps me some by doing the set in my
>butt, but I can see that he has a hard time thinking he is hurting me,
>so I hesitate to ask him to help as often as I should.  Also, I tell him
>he takes too much time examining the area!  God blessed me with the
>perfect mate for me and I am sooooooo thankful.  Rita
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>> From: BBradRN[SMTP:email @ redacted]
>> Sent: Wednesday, January 21, 1998 5:29 PM
>> To: email @ redacted
>> Subject: Re: [IP] Site changes
>> I have several ladies using the upper outer thigh site, and it seems
>> to work
>> just fine for them.  It might take several tries to locate a few spots
>> that
>> really work well for you.