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RE: [IP] Re: sight location ?

Buddy, I guess women are luckier than men cause we can use below the
waist our pants don't seem to ride low below the waist like men.  I
understand what you mean, my husband is pleasantly over weight (and
happy about it!) so his pants fit the same as yours.  I am cursed with
all the additional fat below the waist - mainly hipsssssss - so I have
excess fat to put my sets in.  In fact my lower stomach sticks out (I
blame it on to surgery scars and 3 children) I get tickled at my doc, he
keeps telling me to avoid this area because he thinks I have a build up
of insulin.  I keep telling him it is only a buildup of fat because I
rotate regularly.  Hope this helps.  Rita

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> Sent: 	Wednesday, January 21, 1998 5:29 PM
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> Subject: 	[IP] Re: sight location ?
> >I use above, below and all around my waist,  below is the most
> >comfortable for me.  Rita
>     OK Rita,
>     I must be old and dumb but where are you calling below your waist?
> We
> "fat old men" tend to have a lower waist than you slim young women. My
> beltline is a couple of inches below my bellybutton, and I can't for
> the
> life of me imagine using any area below this point unless it was in
> the top
> of my leg. I really don't have to worry as I have plenty of "tissue"
> to stab
> my softsets into. Just wanted to get a clear picture of what area you
> were
> talking about "below the waist".
> Thanks,
> Buddy '-)