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[IP] FW: My first post...

I tried to send this directly to Janine, but was not allowed to.  Sorry, to those that already heard this.

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Thanks for answering, but you did miss a few details.  My blood sugars going into a workout have been between 70 and 150.  This is my first week of working out since I got my 507 (1/12).  I have had blood sugars elevate slightly (just before my period) in the past, while using U and H, but I have never had problems with ketones.   I do have a strenuous workout routine (about 400 kcal over 25 minutes), but last night did an easy 1.5 miles on XC skis, and the same thing happened.  I did as my doc suggested this noon and did not take a bolus for lunch (my usual - 2 c. of skim milk) but did increase my basal by 1.5 times.  I have been diagnosed as having gastroparesis (yes, it does happen even after keeping A1c's less than 6.9 for over ten years), and am pretty stressed out - I need my exercise for physical and psychological health.  As I wrote this my CDE called and says to ride it out.  I hate being in worse control than I was with multiple injections.   I need to find a solution.  Unfortunately, I'm not a very patient person.