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[IP] Sara's Big Ole.....

Buddy - you are my ____LIST....Don't care if you do take care of my poppa - I
am within the range for my bone size...and I am one muscle-butted female - 

I am not fat - can you say BEEFCAKE  BEEEEEFCAKE (this is from SouthPark, for
those of you who have no clue).  But, can we not be so personal, Buddy - now
everyone thinks I am porky pig!!!  I certainly don't need suspenders!!!  

As for using my fat tummy for sites and to keep this on track - I used to use
the bent needle higher than I do the Tender.  Since it was shorter and went in
at a different angle - I stopped doing that though, WHEN I LOST WEIGHT (thank
you very much), cuz it would poke me in the ribs and the site wouldn't last as

Now that I am using the tender, it lasts a lot longer, doesn't poke into my
ribs cuz I put it in down below my waist line - which is about 2 inches above
my belly button.