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RE: [IP] insertion sites

> Men typically prefer sites above the belt, women below the belt.  This is
> likely due to where our fat tends to be.

I think that's true.  I know I can't go below the beltline without feeling
really uncomfortable, and it's definitely because I just don't feel like I
have enough "loose material" to work with.

So far the site on my backside doesn't look like it's working out too well.
Feels fine, hasn't pulled out or anything, but BG's shot up to 280 in the
first hour -- not a good sign.  I just bolused extra, and if it doesn't come
down after that I'll be switching to a more conventional stomach site...

Greg Legowski                       http://www.pobox.com/~gregleg
"I hate to tell you this, sport, but you're relatively normal..."
  -- Edith Wilson