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From:	Lori [SMTP:email @ redacted]
Sent:	Thursday, January 22, 1998 8:09 AM
To:	'Insulin-Pumpers'
Subject:	Exercise

That was an interesting discussion on sites - although the no delivery alarms that I get above the waist are my primary concern. 

I have another more pressing concern right now though.   I need to exercise - it is the thing that is keeping me at the same level of sanity (or insanity, depending upon perspective).  Unfortunately, it's really difficult since I started pumping.  Maybe it's the gastroparesis that has actually changed me - I don't know.  Anyway, about 4 to 6 hours after a workout, my bloodsugars skyrocket and I start producing ketones.  I wouldn't really worry about the ketones alone, I know that exercise can cause them, but....  I normally work out on machines.  I have time for 25 minutes, and I burn 350 to 400 kcal.  My heartrate is at about 85%.   Last night I decided to go for an easy mile on my XC skis.  Although my bloodsugar did the initial drop (minimal, I'd drunk a bit of skim milk before I left) and it did not go above 237, it was 237 with moderate ketones.   I had input a temporary basal that was 1.5 times my normal for 2 hours after returning.   Help!!  I'm going to try again at lunch.  The current plan is: lunch (no bolus), increase basal by 1.5 times beginning when I workout and continuing for as long as it appears to take - my doc says ~ 2 hours, I'm betting 4 or 5.  I am using Humalog in my pump.

If anyone wrote right after I supposedly started with the list, I didn't get it - I just started getting these yesterday due to a screwup by someone - provider, network administrator, who knows.  Thanks for your help.

dx'61,Minimed 1/97