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RE: [IP] Tape Tips - Body Picture

Is it really Ok to go over the rib cage like that?!?  I'd have NEVER tried

I could also definitely never go into the area right over my hip bones,
either -- you can feel the bones there on me without pressing down at all,
there's NO fat there.  No WAY am I getting a needle in there, unless it's
attached to a drill ;-)

I tried placing a set high up on my backside today for the first time,
though -- this thread came up at a good time for me, since I was just
thinking about having to give my stomach a rest.  So far so good...  Thanks
everyone! :-)

Greg Legowski                       http://www.pobox.com/~gregleg
"I hate to tell you this, sport, but you're relatively normal..."
  -- Edith Wilson