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Re: [IP] is walgreens ripping us off?


Its not just walgreens ripping us off, its every company thats making BIG
bucks off of our disability!
Heres my experience... I live in a small town between two other small towns,
each town has a wal-mart, in one town I can buy test strips for 57.95(box of
100) in the other town I must pay 62.95(box of 100).  When I asked the
pharmacist why the difference he told me the store selling the strips
cheaper had more price competition. In other words the same chain store will
sell the same product for more money depending on the competition
surrounding them.  
There should be one price for a product no matter who you buy it from, this
should be true especially for people who depend on medical supplies for
their lives!
Carol Wasson
email @ redacted