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Re: [IP] Re: leg and butt sites

Nancy Ludwig wrote:
  I am a bit
> nervous though about the idea of a new place.   I have
> been on the pump 6 weeks now and it took me 3 to 4 times
> of site changes to get use to the idea of using the
> Silhouette set.   What a long needle.

> I plan on changing my sites, though, to a different area.
> I hope I can do this.

Hi Nancy,

The first time I used my leg, I sat in my bathroom w/the set in my hand
about 4 inches over my leg--I sat that way, not moving for about 3 solid
minutes trying to build up the nerve to plunge it into my leg!  I heard
my dog's collar tags jingling at a fast rate toward the bathroom and
seeing that he is a 130lb Rottweiler, I jabbed quickly before he could
get to me!!  It worked and it didn't even hurt!  Then I felt so squemish
about it being in my leg that I limped around until I realized that I
couldn't even feel the dang thing and was limping because I was such a

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