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Re: [IP] One Touch Case and DEX Meter

On 21 Jan 98 at 14:28, Laci 1 wrote:

> We are testing the new DEX glucometer and I must admit I absolutely love it
> and so does my daughter.  So little, compact and easy for a child to use.  No
> more trying to get a good rounded amount of blood on the strip.  Laura likes
> it also!
> Sherri (Laura's mom)

I got one of the DEX packages yesterday.  I've noticed some 
interesting things - like running two tests back to back can give 
radically different results.  I ran one test where the first one said 
173, the second said 117.  My Profile said 114 and the Advantage said 
115.  I've noticed that the DEX seems to be just like the other Bayer 
meters in this lack of repeatability... This morning it read 40 
points lower than my Profile on one test and 75 points higher on the 
next test a couple of hours later.  I compared both the Advantage and 
Advantage Rapid meters with my Profile and never saw this much 
variability.   It is a cute package though...

Randall Winchester

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