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[IP] Re: leg and butt sites

The site I put in last nite on my hip just lost the bottom half of the
adhesive...I guess that area flexes more than my tummy...the one time I
tried my thigh the site popped out...I guess I just have abdominal real

On Wed, 21 Jan 1998 20:17:47 -0800 Kelly <email @ redacted> writes:
>Michelle Rands wrote:
>>     What I don't understand is how people can insert sets in the
>> behind... does it go high on the hip...this I can do...or down on 
>> cheek...wouldn't you sit higher on one side...and wouldn't it get in 
>> way?   I am also interested in using leg sites but doesn't the 
>> movement pull the set out?  
>I have been using my leg, thigh and rear exclusively for the past 6-8
>months--no stomach--and find it MUCH more comfortable than my tummy.  
>am very muscular and this has not caused a problem that I thought it
>might.  In my legs, I insert the set towards the top and mainly 
>the outside/middle of leg/thigh.  I have never had 1 pull out during
>aerobic's.  On the rear, I insert mainly at the top and all around to
>where it meets my thighs.  Just sit down and see how much of your butt
>you actually SIT on and just avoid that area.  It has never caused
>trouble for me and is comfortable there.
>I had such trouble in my stomach--waistbands, buildup of scar tissue,
>bending, etc.  It was scary inserting in a new place at first, but it
>didn't hurt any more than the stomach--and actually less for me.  It's
>just the "idea" of doing it there that is squemish :)
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