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Re: [IP] is walgreens ripping us off?

On 21 Jan 98 at 9:58, URTAsef wrote:

> I got this email - thought y'all would be interested
> Walgreens Drug Stores,Inc.
> 200 Wilmont Rd.
> Deerfield, IL. 60015
> Atten: Store Operations & Board Of Directors
> Dear Walgreens;
> Upon doing a recent research of Drug Stores and their Prices of Diabetic
> Supplies, Just found the following problem with your Stores surveyed:
> Why are your One Touch Test Strips an Average of  OVER $12 more than
> WalMart  (WalMart @$59 per 100 Strips)
> Why are ALL your Test Strips and Average of 20% Higher than Wal Mart?

This is not too unusual - Wal Mart plays nasty with suppliers by 
ordering huge quantities, then after they are delivering wanting to 
"renegotiate" the price.  Then they can pull the same trick time 
after time and keep pushing the price down until they run the local 
competition out of business then they jack their prices back up and 
rake in the cash...  (personal observations)

Around here the situation is slightly better, at least in the 
pharmacy end.  Kroger built a big store with a pharmacy in it right 
across the street from Wal-Marts Stupor Store ( you know the place - 
where most of the time they don't have the same brand they had last 
week and the clerks don't have the foggiest idea what toilet paper 
is, and they don't think they've ever carried anything like that...)
The Kroger pharmacy beats the Wal-Mart pharmacy on just about 
everything - especially when Wal-Mart keeps 1 box of 50 test strips 
and will "order" anything else and get it for you in a week or so, 
and then will charge you a higher price for it.  The hours they are 
open are better, and they actually stock supplies in reasonable 

> Why Are your B&D Syringes over 18% higher ($5 more per 100 box)?
> Somebody is trying to RIP-OFF somebody here...

Probably B&D gives Wal-Mart a lower price on the syringes and is also 
taking a loss until they run the competition out of town...

> I belong to the Amercian Diabetes Association (385,000 Members) and the
> Juvienile Diabetes Foundation (565,000 members) and believe me, This will
> be Forwarded  to their Monthly Magazine and be put in  all our Internet Web
> Sites, as well as Not to buy Any Diabetes Supplies at Walgreens, until you
> drop your Outrageous prices and stop Trying to Rip We  Diabetics, Medicare and
> the Insurance Companies Off!
> Could this be due to the Recent Approval of Medicare now paying for Test
> Strips and you figured to Rip-off the Goverment for 20% more now?
> I am Shocked at you, Wallgreens and....

Why not go after the mail order companies too?  Many of the companies 
that bill your insurance company directly will play games and tell 
you one thing on a bill while accepting a lower price from the 
insurance company.  Then there are the mail order companies that will 
bill your insurance $150 for a $45 box of Tegaderms...  and settle 
for "only" $125...  Who is getting ripped off?   And how about going 
after the insurance companies who are only interested in the cheapest 
possible out instead of decent medical care?  

We all have to be responsible consumers - but comparing anyone to 
Wal-Mart requires careful research and observation.  Check other 
pharmacies in the area and see if Wal-Mart is the cheapest by a 
large margin.  If so they may be using predatory tactics in order to 
drive the competition away.  If Wallgreens is higher than most other 
suppliers then write a letter telling them that you won't by buying 
supplies there and why...

Randall Winchester

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