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Re: [IP] is walgreens ripping us off?

Hey Perk:

I was just passing info along...NO they are not supposed to give it away, but
if in this one city at this one Walgreens they are charging so much more than
other supplies, then it behooves US, the paying out the butt consumer, to put
up a stink for competitive, equal pricing - of course we COULD just go to
Walmart, but fortunatley this is AMERICA and if we bring it to Walgreens
attention that they are out of line...chances are they will lower their
prices.  Having worked as a "shopper" for a variety of products and services,
I know merchants WILL lower their prices if they are not close to the same as
the guy down the street.

So I passed that info along just as a public service notice...we should be
aware of what we are being charges...unless, Perk, you don't have to worry
about those sorts of things...and if so, are you single male and straight?
Cause I could use someone to take care of my bills.

*-) Sara