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[IP] Dr. Marcus Alan

   On a more encouraging note,  Dr. Marcus Alan is on the Blue Cross list
of Drs.  I think he is associated with the taking control of your
diabetes seminars here in Ca. 
    Michael, and anyone in LA, Orange County area the Orange County Pump
Group is having Evelyne Fleury-Milfort from USC speak on the Biosensor
(the study I was in) glucose sensor from Minimed on Tues. Feb 3, 7 pm at
Western Medical Center...in the basement near the Cafeteria on Tustin
Ave. south of 17 th st. and West of the 5 fwy. or call 714.968.7997.  Be
sure to say Hi if you come...I'll be wearing a small red rose and be with
an incredibly handsome man (you can tell him I said that if you come and
meet us...It might even earn me Choclate Fudge Brownie points..... not
sugar free but the real stuff!!!)  So we can both report back to the
group about the glucose sensor.  Go Cub Reporter Go...Maybe I should go
and  test my BS level , I  am getting way too corny...  Michelle