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[IP] Re: leg and butt sites

Michelle Rands wrote:
>     What I don't understand is how people can insert sets in the
> behind... does it go high on the hip...this I can do...or down on the
> cheek...wouldn't you sit higher on one side...and wouldn't it get in the
> way?   I am also interested in using leg sites but doesn't the muscle
> movement pull the set out?  


I have been using my leg, thigh and rear exclusively for the past 6-8
months--no stomach--and find it MUCH more comfortable than my tummy.  I
am very muscular and this has not caused a problem that I thought it
might.  In my legs, I insert the set towards the top and mainly towards
the outside/middle of leg/thigh.  I have never had 1 pull out during
aerobic's.  On the rear, I insert mainly at the top and all around to
where it meets my thighs.  Just sit down and see how much of your butt
you actually SIT on and just avoid that area.  It has never caused
trouble for me and is comfortable there.

I had such trouble in my stomach--waistbands, buildup of scar tissue,
bending, etc.  It was scary inserting in a new place at first, but it
didn't hurt any more than the stomach--and actually less for me.  It's
just the "idea" of doing it there that is squemish :)
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