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[IP] below the waist insertion

    I put sets below the waist cuz if I want to wear a crop top I don't
want any "mutant pump bumps" to show, not to mention my "special long
range pager" which communicates with the "home world".
     I like Michaels suggestion on how to rotate sites.  I wouldn't want
to reuse a site too soon and build up scar tissue or reveal some sort of
alien autopsy instrument left behind...Have I been watching too much tv
dealing with alien invasion on TLC...maybe...
    What I don't understand is how people can insert sets in the
behind... does it go high on the hip...this I can do...or down on the
cheek...wouldn't you sit higher on one side...and wouldn't it get in the
way?   I am also interested in using leg sites but doesn't the muscle
movement pull the set out?  OR.... am I too worried about  getting uneven
skin from overusing sites when I don't even bother to exercise and get
rid of the existing rolls...Heres to hoping they  a. develop a safe
alternative to Phen-fen b. electrodes that either zap me when I don't
work out or c. stimulate the endorphine production plant in my brain when
I exercise...or d.  all of the above....currently I don't reach that
exercise high I've heard others talk of....of course I've never MET
someone who has had an exercise high...of course, if I did I would
probably want to slap them silly.
    Speaking of diet and exercise....the new Dr. I have from BC works out
of a mall next to the donut shop and has Phen-fen in neon letters in the
window...should I be worried???I am asking for referrals and can change
next month.whew.  Michelle

On Wed, 21 Jan 1998 16:23:38 -0600 "Crystal Carrier"
<email @ redacted> writes:
> Hi Bob,
> I take it you only insert *above the waist* or belt-line?....Hmmmm, I 
> only inserted *below the waist*. I would equate waist and belt-line 
>as the
> same thing, but what do  I know? It seems to me that there are alot 
> areas to use below the waist than above...my ribcage takes up alot of 
> space<g>
>email @ redacted
> You wrote:
>>  > I have heard a number of people say that infusion sets inserted 
>> the
>> > waist" are uncomfortable. For the life of me, I cannot imagine
>> an
>> > infusion set "below the waist". Now, is it simply that I am 
>> > "waist" with "belt line", hence my confusion?
>> > 
>> > I'm thin also (certainly no brag - just fact). If I can find any 
>> > estate anywhere else which can be comfortable with good 
>absorption, I
>> need
>> > to know about it.
>> > 
>> > Thanks in advance ;-)
>> >