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[IP] Infusion set locations, was Site changes

Crystal (and others who have responded):

The main reason I insert above the waist / belt line area is that I am
leery of the waist on my pants or my belt pressing down on the area where
the infusion set would be. Of course, no two pair of pants ride me the same
way, making this issue a little tougher to solve ;-(

Typically, I insert in an area starting approx. 1 to 1/12 inch above a line
even with my navel, 3 inches to either side of the midline of my abdomen. I
will follow this area toward the back of my body for about 4, maybe 5
inches. I rotate sides and areas when I change sets. (Yes, as I write this
I am actually sitting here with a ruler measuring the target area. I don't
know what I'll say if someone walks in and sees me doing this ;-))

Again, there is not a lot of extra tissue here, but there is virtually
nothing (tissue, that is) below the line even with my navel. Naturally, the
real estate gets distributed differently when I change from standing to
sitting, so it's hard to plan on the ideal site.

I'm really open to suggestions on alternate sites. I think my existing ones
are getting tuckered out. Now, if we could figure out a way to get a
"virtual infusion site locator" on line, it would make these discussions a
whole lot easier.


Bob Burnett

mailto:email @ redacted